A How-To guide on the use of the Emerson AV (Audio Video) System. 

Step-by-step guide


  1. Located behind the Emerson Piano is the AV System.

  2. Connect device via VGA Cable to the "Computer In" input. Note: Alternatively you can connect via AUX Video connection below the "Computer In" input. 
  3. Select "PC" from both Extron Controllers. Note: If using "DVD or AUX Video" connection appropriately select "DVD/AUX" from both Extron Controllers.

  4. Connect sound to the AUX cable located to the right of VGA video input. Note: Do not use the "Audio In" input located below the "Computer In" input. 

  5. Turn the CTs 4200 sound system power on. 

  6. Volume controls are located on the Extron Controller. Just use one of them to control the sound volume.

  7. Lower projector. Switch is located in the lower right hand corner. 

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