It is up to the individual employee to claim business use based on appropriate documentation of personally owned cell phones, either as a reimbursement from the University, or a business deduction on their personal tax return.

Certain employees may qualify for the university to provide a stipend to cover the business use of personal cell phones and service. The qualification for a stipend and the level of subsidy will be determined by a person's job duties as it relates to cell use and access. Guidelines to categorize cellular use as mandatory, beneficial, or incidental are determined by the area Vice President. The stipend includes the cost of service plus equipment. Updated cell phone policies, procedures, and guidelines are available on the Cellular Phone Service Institutional Stipend policy page.

The choices from cell phone carries vary widely, both in type of service and level of coverage. While CIS doesn't limit the choice of vendors, we are happy to discuss your individual needs and point you in the right direction. Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless provide discounts for faculty, staff, and student personal purchases. Discounts can be viewed here.

Cell Phone Discounts

Most wireless companies provide discounts for faculty, staff, and student personal cell phone plans and purchases. 

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