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 		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Direct+Print"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconPrint.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Direct Print</a></td>
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		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Fax+from+MFP"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconFax.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Fax</a></td>
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		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Copy"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconCopy.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Copy</a></td>
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		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Scan+to+Email"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconScanToEmail.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Scan to Email</a></td>
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		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Scan+to+My+Documents"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconScanToDocs.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Scan to My Docs</a></td>
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		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Print+from+USB"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconPrintFromUSB.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Print from USB</a></td>
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		<td><a href="https://wiki.spu.edu/display/HKB/Scan+to+USB"><img border=0 src="https://wiki.spu.edu/download/attachments/62816452/iconScanToUSB.png" style="padding-bottom:5px;"><br />Scan to USB</a></td>

Multi-Function Printers (MFP's) are located throughout campus. Every device is capable of quality color printing in addition to black and white. Every device is capable of paper sizes up to 11 x 17. The devices can perform a variety of functions, such as printing, copying, and scanning.

Some office departmental devices will have built-in fax machines and the ability to send and receive faxes digitally, without printing.

Costs for each service for all faculty and staff:

All print jobs will default to black & white, unless otherwise specified.

If you would like to submit print jobs from your personal computer, we recommend installing the PaperCut software on your computer and connecting to SecurePrint.

Direct Print

Normal printing to an MFP works similarly to printing to a personal printer. Serveral options (including duplexing) are available. The document will print to the designated MFP immediately.

Secure Print

Secure Print allows a print job to be queued in the SecurePrint system, but the document will not print until it is released by the same user at an MFP. Once in the queue, the document can be released for print at any MFP on campus.

Secure print is good choice for confidential documents that should only be seen by you.

Web Print

Web Print allows a print job to be sent to any MFP from internet-connected personal devices.

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