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All of the bio pages that populate the directories are stored in the "Lists" folder that is located near the top of the content tree.

Step-by-step guide

To add a new Fac/Staff member (or locate to update info):

  1. Click the plus sign next to the "Lists" folder

  2. Click the plus next to the "faculty-staff" folder

  3. Then the plus next to your department's folder to see the list of all of your the faculty and staff

  4. To add a new staff member, right click on your departments folder and click the "Insert" button, then chose "Faculty Bio Page" in the list and click it. To edit a current staff member, skip to step 8.

  5. Give the new page a name that has the person's last name then first name with no caps and a hyphen between them

  6. Once it is added to the tree please fill out the - "Page Title," "Page Heading," "Faculty Name," "Faculty Department Title," "Education Experience," "email," "Faculty First Name," "Faculty Last Name" fields, and add in a photo if there is one

  7. Save and publish this then create a placeholder for this new entry underneath the directory for your department (Instructions for this will be posted in the future)

  8. To edit an existing fac/staff member, select the item you wish to edit, then "Lock and Edit" the item at the top of the content preview area. Then edit the appropriate fields. Once you are done editing, save then publish the item to apply your changes.


Faculty Builder 

  1. If you are using the Faculty Builder on an academic page rather than the Faculty/Staff Directory component (ex:, there is one final step. Select the "Faculty Builder" item you would like to add the faculty or staff member to, and add the staff profile to the list with the green "plus" button. This will move the profile from the left column to the right. If needed, use the blue arrows to change the order of the profiles in the right column, and when you are ready, publish the "Faculty Builder" item. 

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