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If you do not currently have an Administrative Banner account (check the list of accounts in Computer Accounts Menu if you aren't sure), follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your Banner account.
  2. Select the Personal Menu.
  3. Select the Computer Accounts Menu and choose Manage Your Accounts.
  4. Go to the bottom of the page under the Request Resource section.
  5. Open the "Select resource type..." drop-down menu and select "Administrative Banner" and click on the "Continue" button.
  6. The "Create Resource" web page will open. Complete the following:
    1. Who is your supervisor?  This may already be filled in.  If not, indicate your supervisor.
    2. What SPU department or work group do you work in? Fill in department name.
    3. What access level do you need: Enter "FINANCE_DEPTUSER."
  7. Click "Submit."
  8. After you receive confirmation from CIS that your account has been set up, your supervisor should email the Budget and Finance department Finance department at with the Funds and Orgs that you should be authorized to access.

If you already have access to Administrative Banner but need access to the Banner budget class, click on "request increased permissions" under the Administrative Banner Account section of Manage Computer Resources.  Complete forms as indicated above starting in step 4.

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