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In late 2011 the Seattle Pacific University Library launched the Tech Desk as a new student service point. The Tech Desk provides technology tools, assistance, and space for students to discover, create, and share. The Tech Desk is open during regular library hours and staffed by trained peer mentors ready to assist students with their educational technology needs. Our tools, assistance, and space are available for free!

Video Overview
Watch a video from Ryan Ingersoll to faculty about how the Tech Desk can support your students.

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Technology Tools
The Library provides access to a number of tools students may need for their digital scholarship whether it is a self-directed project, a personal need, or an assignment from a professor. The Library provides access to new technology tools based on the needs of students and faculty assignments. Many items are available for check out while some are only available for use within the library. Please contact the Library Circulation Desk to learn more about the specific details of each tool, their availability, or schedule an appointment to learn how to use the tool. Our goal is provide access to important and unique tools students need and don’t have access to themselves. 
Faculty: If you want to learn how these tools may be helpful to your students please contact Amanda Kiethley The list below summarizes many of the items we provide access to.

  • Video cameras (prosumer quality and basic pocket cameras)
  • Picture cameras (DSLR and basic point-and-shoots)
  • Tripods
  • Chromebooks
  • A few MacBook Airs with OS X (for use within the library only) MacBook power adapters (for use within the library only)
    • Equipped with software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Office, AutoCAD, iMovie, and more.
  • Desktop computers with large screens (some with dual screens) Audio/Video adapters (e.g., to connect a MacBook Pro to a TV screen)
    • Equipped with software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Office, AutoCAD, and more.
  • Large screens in library study rooms with HDMI and VGA cables
  • Mobile device power adapters (Apple’s Lightning and 30-pin, Micro USB and Mini USB)
  • Headphones

Technology Assistance Tech Desk Consultants Library assistants are equipped to serve as peer mentors providing assistance and support for a wide variety of technology tools including software and tools we check out. The Tech Desk is always available to provide drop-in support, but for tasks requiring a little more time or undivided attention we encourage students to schedule an appointment. handle certain questions about technology use. For more specific assistance please contact CIS at 206-281-2982 or email them at

Faculty: We often partner with professors, through ETM, to provide focused support and training based on specific projects. If you are interested in learning about how the Library can support your students with a digital project please contact Karen Park in ETM. Below is a short list of some ways we’ve supported students with consultations or drop-ins. This list is not exhaustive and if you don’t see what you need assistance with please do inquire!

  • Windows and OS X (general support)
  • Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • iMovie (planning, filming, editing, publishing a video)
  • YouTube (publishing platform for videos)
  • Vialogues (tool for conversations around a specific video)
  • Google Drive documents, sheets, and presentations
  • Evernote
  • Scanning, copying, and printing (support for the MFPs located in the library)
  • Wireless printing (support for the MFPs located in the library)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (general support based on the particular app)
  • AutoCAD (general support)
  • General support for other web-based tools