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Before your first day

First day tasks

Complete in HR:

  • I-9 form - (link works best with Internet Explorer) the purpose of this form is to authenticate both the employee's identity and eligibility to work in the United States. HR is required to have this completed form, along with copies of appropriate documents (see page 9) within 3 days of the first day of employment. The form must be signed in the Human Resources office with HR personnel and the copies of the documents must be made there as well, so please bring the original documents and the unsigned form with you.
  • W-4 form - the purpose of this form is to determine the appropriate federal income tax that is to be taken from one's pay. Please set up your W-4 withholding in Banner using these linked instructions. See IRS.gov for further information on the W-4. 
  • Personal Identification Data sheet - this form is used for internal purposes only, in order to correctly set the employee up in HR's computer systems.

Check out the SPU Dining Services site to find places to eat and get coffee on campus.

First Six months

  • Attend the next available Diversity 101 class (offered quarterly). This is a required course for all new staff (except temporary staff). New employees should receive an invitation.