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My Documents and Department File Shares (aka: "Matthew") are the two primary Network File Share types on campus.

My Documents is the personal folder that each Faculty and Staff member has. Department File Shares are a collection of intra- and inter-departmental shared folders of documents accessible on the campus network. 


Network file shares allow you to access files directly and work on them as if they were stored on your local computer. My Documents is generally used as a default storage location for an individual's files that don't need to be shared. Department File Shares are where files that need to be shared across multiple users can be stored.

Additional file storage options not tied to the campus network are: SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Getting Started

See the links below for help in getting access to My Documents or Department File Shares:

If you are off-campus, you can connect via:

Technical Support

Please contact the CIS HelpDesk if you have any questions or difficulties in accessing any Network File Shares.




  • Faculty, Staff, Student Employees

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