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Winter Registration Information

Winter Quarter 2023 registration for current graduate and doctoral students begins on October 31, at 10:00 AM. New students admitted for Winter 2023 may begin registering on Monday, November 14. 

As always, before students are able to register all holds must be resolved. Holds may be added at any time, including the day you are scheduled to register.  

To check holds:

    • Student Menu
    • Registration and Class Schedules Menu
    • Class Registration & Planning
    • Prepare for Registration
    • Use the drop down box to select Winter 2023 and click “continue.” This should bring up your registration status screen for the term and show you if you have any holds.

To register:

    • Student Menu
    • Registration and Class Schedules Menu
    • Class Registration and Planning
    • Register for Classes
    • Use the drop-down box and select: Winter 2023 and click “continue” 

Variable Credits: 

These courses will always default to 1 credit after registration.

After you have registered, when you are in the “register for classes” menu option, click on the fourth tab on the upper left side, labeled “schedule and options”. This allows you to view your schedule and anything that is underlined is a variable credit course and the credit amount is able to be changed. Click on the number of credits next to this course and it will give you the option to change the variable credit amount. After selecting the desired amount click “submit” and your new registration will be saved.

Registration Errors or Questions

If you run into a registration error, please email the appropriate staff member with a copy of the registration error you are receiving. This will help determine what is preventing registration. 

If you run into an error that says you do not have a time ticket, please email Kristi Kanehen with the issue, your name, and ID number. 

SOE Registration Contacts:

Graduate teacher education programs:     Amelia Morgan

All other graduate programs:                     Kristi Kanehen

A few more important notes about Winter 2023 registration: 

  • A few more important notes about registration: 

    • Online Registration will remain open until 11:59 pm, January 10
    • Any registration attempted after registration deadlines will require a Registration Petition submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
    • Dissertation & Practicum credits have an extended online registration deadline of 11:59 pm, January 18.
    • Independent Studies have an extended registration deadline of 4:30pm, January 18, but require additional paperwork so cannot be registered via Banner. The Independent Study Agreement must be received by the Office of the Registrar before this deadline to avoid a petition process.
    • Registration deadlines and tuition refund deadlines can be found on the academic calendar.

A full listing of all Winter 2023 courses is available online through our Graduate Time Schedule.  Please be sure to check out any restrictions or required pre-requisites to make sure you are eligible for the courses you want to register for.  All restrictions, special approval requirements, and pre-requisites are listed by each class under “Course Details” in the time schedule.  Please check with either Amelia Morgan or Kristi Kanehen if a hold of this type needs to be removed.

For more detailed instructions on registration and for information on how to use the class planning option now available in Banner, click here.

Questions?  Please contact the Office of the Registrar

Phone:                  (206) 281-2032



Apply to Graduate! (for 2022-2023)

Finishing your degree Autumn 2022, Winter 2023, Spring 2023, or Summer 2023? Apply to graduate prior to January 1! Applying to graduate is a separate process for registering for commencement activities and is required in order to receive your degree. 

Find the directions on how to apply here: Applying to Graduate

Program specific directions

Certificate only students - You do not need to apply to graduate since you are not earning a degree

Doctoral Students -  Your graduation term will be after your oral defense has been passed, you have made all required changes, and have submitted your dissertation to digital commons and ETD. In order to participate in commencement, your oral dissertation must be passed no later than April 30. 

Teacher Education - Your graduation term will be the quarter you complete your degree courses. Many students complete their certificate in June but earn their degree in August. You need to earn your certificate in order to receive your degree.

Graduating Students: Review Your Degree Check! (for 2022-2023)

Now is the time to have a look at your degree check in Banner to make sure you are on track to graduate in the term you selected. Please note that your degree audit is based off of the Catalog requirements for the program and term you were admitted.  This may mean that there are some substitutions or equivalencies that need to be noted in order to complete your record. 

Please have a look at your degree check, and let Kristi Kanehen know of anything that looks amiss. She will work with each of you to ensure that your degree check accurately reflects your progress and that you are on track to earn your degree!

To access degree check, please follow these directions.

  1. Log into Banner
  2. Select the Student Menu
  3. Select the Academic Records Menu
  4. Select “GR and DR Degree Status Check”
  5. Click the blue “admitted term” hyperlink to the right of your program of study. For example:
  6. Note: If the hyperlink does not populate your program, follow the prompts in the dropdown menus to find the degree check appropriate to your program. 
  7. Remember to select your term of admission, not the current term.

To read degree check

Degree check lists all courses required during the Catalog year of your admission. Courses in green are complete. Courses in red are not complete. Please also pay attention to the total number of outstanding credits at the bottom of your degree check, as well as substitutions and general comments that Megan Hamshar or Kristi Kanehen may have already entered on your degree check.

If something seems inaccurate or incomplete, please email Kristi Kanehen and she will review and update degree check as appropriate. 

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