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If you are planning to complete any 5000-Level coursework through the Continuing Education department (formerly, the Center for Professional Education), please review the following information as many procedures and policies differ from regular Graduate coursework. You can also find further information on the 5000-Level courses on the Office of the Registrar's Continuing Education Academic Page.


Registration takes place directly through the Continuing Education department. The CE website is where you will find and register for 5000 level courses. 5000 level courses do not show up in the banner registration system or the time schedule though they will appear on an SPU transcript if the class is taken for credit or clock hours. 

Registration deadlines vary from regular on-campus undergraduate and graduate timelines.**

  • If you are taking a distance learning course, you can register at any time:
  • If you are taking an online Canvas course, you will want to check in regarding the specific registration deadlines and course dates as they are generally offered once per year.
  • If you are taking a Summer Institute course*, registration opens April 1st of each year. The courses are offered as on-campus intensives, generally Monday thru Thursday 8AM – 4PM.
    • If you are enrolled in Graduate coursework during Summer Quarter, you will need to give special consideration to scheduling since graduate courses typically take place in the evening. CPE Summer Institute courses generally run 8AM – 4PM, so please take the time commitment into consideration. This mostly impacts Health and Fitness students who are taking PES endorsement courses. 

**Alternative Routes to Certification (ARC) program students** Your certificate-only program sequence uses a significant number of 5000-level courses through the Continuing Education (CE).  The program is intended to be completed in four quarters, and thus, even though the CE system may identify a course as a year long term, you will follow the same quarter term dates that pertain to your 6000-level courses (i.e. 5000-level summer quarter courses follow the same dates of registration and course dates as your 6000-level summer courses). The one exception to this is the EDCT 5940 Applied Teacher Internship course for general education endorsements students (not special education). This course runs the from July through May of your program. You will be advised by the ARC coordinator on what courses to register for each quarter and provided with the CE registration links via email or the GTE Registration by CRN wiki page.

Tuition & Payment

Because these are continuing education courses total tuition is due at the time of registration for all courses taken through the Continuing Education department. Since these courses are considered non-matriculated, they are not eligible for financial aid and do not count toward your credit load for financial aid purposes. 5000-level courses also are not eligible for loan deferment.

Receipt of payment will be available from Student Financial Services if not received at the time of registration.

Should you need to withdraw from a course, please refer to each individual course’s withdrawal procedures and refund schedule as they vary. Contact the Distance Learning office with any questions:, 1-800-482-3848.

Course Format

Distance Learning courses are offered in a variety of formats. You can find this information for each class under the type and dates. 

  • Online (Canvas) – active deadlines & participation 

  • Electronic materials/Online Modules – self-paced 

  • Summer Intensives - on campus/online for specific dates/times. 

Additional Information

Frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ website through the CE department. 

Course delivery and further course overview information can be requested from the Distance Learning office or found online at

Inquire with the Distance Learning office for further information:, or call 1-800-482-3848.

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