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Statement and Purpose

Providing information for policies that relate to contracting.  

Table of Contents

Directory of Policies Regarding Contracts

An SPU employee who intends to purchase goods or services on behalf of SPU, or who otherwise intends to sign a contract, memorandum of understanding, or other written agreement that commits SPU to any action, activity, or financial obligation, should first review the information on the following webpages for policies that relate to contracting:

The Purchasing Process webpage, maintained by the Office of Financial Affairs, describes payment options, lists purchasing considerations, and outlines required documentation based on contract dollar thresholds.  The Signature Authority Thresholds webpage, maintained by the Office of Financial Affairs,  describes the level of internal approval required for contracts based on contract dollar thresholds.  The Contract Review Process is outlined on webpages maintained by the Office of Risk Management.  These webpages describe how SPU's contract review process works and when it applies. The Signature Authority for Business Contracts website, maintained by the Office of Risk Management, describes who is permitted to sign business contracts (other than banking, investment, or real estate contracts) on behalf of SPU.

The policies described above assume the University is contracting with an independent contractor.  In situations where an SPU employee wants to engage an individual to perform services for SPU, additional analysis may be needed in advance to determine whether the individual should be classified as a volunteer, an independent contractor, an employee, or otherwise.  This determination will be made by the Director of Human Resources and the Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs, in consultation with University Counsel.  ​

Policy Version: 1.0

Responsible Office: Office of Risk Management
Responsible Executive:
  Asst. VP for Risk Management and University Counsel

Effective Date: July 1, 2019
Last Updated:  
July 1, 2019

Entities Affected By This Policy:  All University faculty and staff.

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