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Statement and Purpose

Computer and Information Systems maintains and makes available a limited amount of audio visual (AV) equipment in support of university functions that involve academic instruction or official business. The intent of this policy is to establish a clean understanding, expectation, and process concerning the CIS AV Media Checkout program.

Most classrooms on campus are equipped with the high-tech equipment needed for common academic/instruction activities. CIS maintains a number of technologies that are helpful to instruction but not part of the permanent classroom technology suite. This equipment is supplemental in nature and not intended to replace or supplement permanent equipment installations.

University departments are responsible for the funding and provision of equipment needed on an ongoing basis in support of operations and events. The express purpose for use of the CIS AV program is supplemental and occasional in nature.

Review the equipment that is provided in most academic/instructional classrooms: Classroom AV Equipment

Go to the:  AV Checkout Request Form

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Table of Contents


Version: 1.1

Effective Date: May 12, 2004
Last Updated:
 November 28, 2016

Responsible Office:
Computer & Information Systems
Responsible Executive:
AVP Technology Services/CIO

Audio/Visual Equipment Checkout

Limited Availability

CIS provides AV equipment on a first come first serve basis. CIS makes no express guarantee that any particular AV equipment is available or even part of the checkout program. While efforts are taken to ensure equipment is current, functioning, and in ample supply, there are no guarantees that the program will be able to meet all requests for any technology in every instance.


The following users are eligible to use equipment under the media checkout program:

  • University faculty, staff, and students with legitimate instructional or University-business related needs.
  • Current students who intend to use media/high-tech equipment in fulfillment of classroom assignments that directly require the use of media equipment. Know that the technology is available and accessible but in limited supply.
  • Designee's of businesses or organizations that have a contractual relationship with SPU.


The following use of checkout equipment is expressly prohibited:

  • Use by individuals who are not SPU faculty, staff, students nor representatives of agencies with contractual relationships with SPU.
  • Use by faculty or staff for meetings and conferences not directly sponsored by SPU. This restriction applies to the use of equipment in connection with or to benefit other institutions (e.g. Fuller Theological Seminary, the University of Washington, etc.) and their academic programs.
  • Use for personal reasons not associated with a specific, official University event (e.g. personal or professional development, weddings, parties, church events, etc.).
  • Use by a student not directly in fulfillment of class requirements (e.g. laptops cannot be checked out to complete personal homework).
  • Use by a group of students who are not a recognized club under ASSP or under direction from Residence Life, and not engaged in an official University event. Faculty advisors and Residence Life staff input will often be necessary to clarify group/club reservations and sanctioned activities.

Reservation Guidelines

  • All reservations must include clear justification that the equipment is to be used for academic instruction or for official university events. Examples of this type of designation include student usage to meet class requirements, departmental meetings, intercollegiate events sponsored by the Athletic department, meetings and presentations hosted by the office of Campus Ministries, and activities involving groups of faculty or staff that are directly related to the performance of official university obligations and responsibilities. Official events by and for ASSP and Student Life sanctioned student groups are also considered official University events.
  • Organizations operating under a contractual arrangement with SPU may use media equipment under certain circumstances. Examples of these agencies include Sodexho, First Free Methodist Church or the ACE Language Institute. As contractual agents of the University, these businesses and organizations are authorized to use CIS media equipment in events for the university. If you are such an organization and you have an official university event needing A/V equipment, please call or email the CIS HelpDesk (206-281-2982, with the event information and your equipment needs. 
  • All equipment requests are tentative until CIS confirms the requests through email.
  • At a minimum, we require 1 business day to process new requests. Equipment will be ready for pickup 1 business day from the confirmation message sent from the CIS Helpdesk, not one business day from the time the request was made. (i.e. Under normal conditions a Tuesday pickup would need to be requested no later than the previous Friday.)

Checkout/Reservation Process

  • Reservations must be made for each period of time the equipment is to be used. Persons requesting equipment are encouraged to examine their schedule at the beginning of the quarter and secure reservations with CIS well in advance. CIS reserves the right to modify reservations based on competing academic and non-academic requests made during this period with priority going to Academic requests.
  • The following information is required at the time of reservation; omissions will delay reservation confirmation:
    • Your name
    • Your SPU Email address
    • Your phone number
    • Intended usage of the equipment including brief description of the event
    • Location the equipment will be used
    • Time of pick up and return time
    • Select Equipment
  • A confirmation email will be sent from CIS once a request is confirmed and entered into the checkout system. Requestors are responsible to review this reservation and report any discrepancies.
  • CIS provides equipment packages that should meet typical usage. If additional components are needed (extension cords, network cables, etc.) this must be indicated in the media equipment reservation. Refer to our Portable Equipment page for a list of available equipment and for insight as to what components work together.
  • Checkout periods are normally limited to two consecutive business days in order to meet the demand for these resources.
  • Equipment will be examined both prior to check out and following its return. Persons checking-out equipment should be sure to note problems at the time of check-out. CIS shall hold the person and/or department financially responsible for the replacement value of any equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged during use


  • AV media equipment is available for in-person checkout during normal CIS office hours (7:30 a.m.– 5 p.m., Mon-Fri during the academic year; 8 a.m.– 5 p.m. during the summer and on breaks). Equipment should be picked up by 4 p.m. to allow time for inspection and processing.

Travel/Extended Use

  • High-tech media equipment is extremely fragile and expensive. Replacement/repairs often take a considerable amount of time to complete. When equipment is unavailable for any extended length of time many SPU users are inconvenienced. Because of the high demand for this equipment and its inherent susceptibility to damage, equipment use is limited to the SPU/Seattle vicinity only.
  • There are a number of reputable, affordable local, national (and international) high-tech equipment rental companies that have computer and presentation devices available for extended and/or out-of-the-area usage. If you have needs that are long term or that will involve considerable travel, please arrange for the equipment to be provided by the event hosts or rent your equipment through one of these firms.


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