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Holds are placed on a student’s account for different circumstances. Each hold prevents basic University privileges, such as, but not limited to, the right to register, add/drop classes, or receive diplomas. Listed below are the types of holds that are placed on accounts and the offices to contact regarding them:

Type of Hold: Office

  • Academic Dismissal: Office of the Registrar
  • Academic Probation: Office of the Registrar
  • Account Deposit Required: Office of Admissions
  • Advance Payment Needed: Office of Admissions
  • Center for Learning: Center for Learning
  • Health History or Immunization Required: Health Center
  • Housing or Meal Plan Issue: University Services
  • I-9 Form: Student Financial Services
  • Incorrect Address: Office of the Registrar
  • Judicial/Behavioral: Student Life
  • Meet With Faculty Advisor: See your faculty advisor
  • New Student Advising: Academic Support Center
  • No Schedule Changes Allowed: Office of the Registrar
  • Past Due Account: Student Financial Services
  • Registrar's Hold: Office of the Registrar
  • SFS Account Severely Past Due: Student Financial Services
  • SFS Past Due Loans: Student Financial Services
  • Unapproved Housing: University Services
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