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All students must log into Banner to find out when they are eligible to start registering. To view your registration appointment time:

  • Log in to Banner
  • Go to Student Menu > Class Registration and Planning > Prepare to Register

This menu will list your appointment time, or “time ticket,” as well as any holds you may have.


If you haven't been officially admitted to a major, you must meet with your faculty advisor to review your plan for next quarter and get your registration hold lifted.

Schedule a meeting with your advisor soon as advising schedules can fill up closer to registration week. Information about your faculty advisor is found at Faculty Advisor Assignments.

Of course, it's still a great idea to meet with your faculty advisor when you've been accepted to a major or minor. Faculty advisors are experts in their fields and wonderful guides for students.


Registration holds will prevent a student from adding classes to their schedule. All holds must be removed prior to the start of advanced registration in order to register. It is the student’s responsibility to pursue the successful resolution of these holds.

Common holds

To view your holds

  • Go to Student Menu > Class Registration and Planning > Prepare to Register.
  • Any holds on your account will be listed, along with the department initiating the hold. Only the department initiating the hold can remove it from your account.


Some courses may require permission, or an override, for you to register. See if a course has any such restrictions by viewing the “course details” listed in the Time Schedule. The department or instructor of the course can enter these overrides in Banner.

To view your current (already granted) permissions :

  • Go to Banner Student Menu > Registration and Schedules Menu > Class Registration and Planning > Prepare for Registration. On this page you will be able to view any overrides that have been entered for you.


Repeating a course

Students may repeat a course taken at SPU once in order to earn a higher grade. To repeat a course for the third time, however, you must submit a Registration Petition (PDF) to the Office of Registration in Demaray Hall 151. If a course is designed to be repeated for additional credit, students may repeat up to the max number of credits (see the Time Schedule for details).

Taking over 18 credits (overload credits)

To be full-time, students must take 12-18 credits per quarter.

Some quarters you may find that you need to take more than 18 credits. To do so, you may submit a credit overload request through your Banner account. 

To access the credit overload request go to Student Menu > Registration and Class Schedules Menu > Credit Overload Request

If you meet the necessary criteria, the Registration Office will raise your credit limit, send you confirmation and then you will be able to register for the additional credits. 

Note: Overload credits are subject to additional tuition charges. Certain courses may be eligible for free overload. Please see Student Financial Services for information about those charges.

Create future schedule in Banner

The “Plan Ahead” feature in Banner allows you to create potential schedules for future terms. The feature is available each quarter for which the Time Schedule is published. To start a plan:

  • Click Plan Ahead in the Registration Menu.
  • Select one of the available terms.
  • Click Create a New Plan to begin.

You’ll be directed to a basic search page. There, you can use the basic search to find classes by one or more criteria. You can also utilize the “Advanced Search” feature by clicking that link just to the right of the “search” button.

  • Once you’ve entered criteria in one or more fields, click Search.
  • Not all courses are offered every term, so you will want to click View Section in the far right column of the course(s) you are interested in. You will be able to see each section that is offered for the term you are searching.
  • When you find a section to add to your plan, click Add. Repeat this process to find additional courses by clicking on the Catalog Search Results back arrow in the upper-left side of the search results block, and then the Search Again green button.
  • Once you’ve added all the sections to your plan that you wish, click Save Plan in the lower right-hand corner. You’ll be prompted to name the plan.
  • Created plans can then be used to register for classes.

When you return to the Plan Ahead page in the future, you will see your saved plan(s), and you can choose to edit those or create a new one. Plans can be viewed by you and by your advisors (faculty advisor, program advisor, and academic counselor).


Students receive registration appointment times based on the number of credits completed and how many credits they are currently registered for. Students are notified via email a week before registration begins to check their appointment time. Once appointment times for the upcoming quarter have been set they will not be changed.

Students appointment times are split out by days according to their class standing. Class standing qualifications are outlined below:

Freshman: 1-44 Credits

Sophomore: 45-89 Credits

Junior: 90-134 Credits

Senior: 135 Credits and above

Certain student populations receive priority registration based on their class standing. These populations include Veterans, Ascent Program Students, and BioCore Scholars.

Athletes and Students with the Class Scheduling accommodation through Disability Student Services will receive a priority registration time based on the class standing that is one level above their current standing. For example: If a student is of freshman standing, they will receive the sophomore priority registration time.



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

9:00 AM

Graduate and Doctoral, Post Baccalaureate, Senior Priority
Senior, Junior Athletes and Disability Student Services

Junior Priority,
Sophomore Athletes and Disability Student Services

Sophomore Priority,
Freshman Athletes and Disability Student Services

Freshman Priority

10:00 AM

Graduate and Doctoral

11:00 AM

High Credit Seniors

High Credit Juniors

High Credit Sophomores

High Credit Freshman

12:30 AM

Mid-High Credit Seniors

Mid-High Credit Juniors

Mid-High Credit Sophomores

Mid-High Credit Freshman

2:00 PM

Mid-Low Credit Seniors

Mid-Low Credit Juniors

Mid-Low Credit Sophomores

Mid-Low Credit Freshman

3:30 PM

Low Credit Seniors

Low Credit Juniors

Low Credit Sophomores

Low Credit Freshman

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