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Students may not attend or sit in classes unless officially registered, whether or not the student intends to receive credit for the course.*

  • *Exceptions to this policy may be granted, with instructor approval, for members of the community to participate in music ensembles and for SPU Theatre program alumni to participate in theater productions. In all other cases, a person who wishes to attend a course but not receive a grade must officially register as an auditor and pay for the course.

A person who wishes to attend class but who does not desire credit is an auditor. With approval from the instructor, auditors may register to audit many undergraduate courses. Students may change from audit to credit or vice versa in person in Student Academic Service, Demaray Hall 151, through 4:30 p.m. on the fifth day of the quarter. 

Auditors may neither participate in class discussions nor take examinations. If they do daily assignments, the instructor is under no obligation to read or correct them. Courses that are audited do not count toward financial aid. Students who are unable to remain at the University because of low grades, and new applicants who do not qualify for admission, may not register as auditors. A student may receive credit for an audited course only by enrolling in it as a regular student in a subsequent quarter. Tuition rates for auditors will be equal to the tuition credit rate.

By enrolling in undergraduate courses at SPU, students agree to comply with the expectations, policies, and procedures in the Student Handbook, including the Student Standards of Conduct. Non-registrants in music ensembles and theater productions also must comply with these expectations, policies and procedures.

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