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The Campus Calendar is an encompassing calendar of campus events. The calendar can be split into several calendar categories as well as event types. 


  1. This is the calendar view.
    • Dates are denoted by a number in the red square. Numbers in grey squares represent dates in the previous or upcoming month.
    • Each event can be clicked to view details.
    • Important dates/events are represented by a red box.
  2. Select a month to view the calendar for that month.
  3. Use the search box to look for specific events.
  4. Use this menu to select one or more calendars or all calendars simultaneously.
  5. Use this menu to view one or more event types or all event types simultaneously.
  6. Other calendars and pages related to calendars are listed in this menu.
  7. View contact information for each calendar's Calendar Manager group.
  8. Submit an event to the Campus Calendar.