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The Banner Information System maintains emergency contact information for students and employees. Rapid communication to the campus in the event of an emergency is essential. SPU-Alert can only contact you via text message if your mobile phone number is in the Banner Information System. 

The Emergency Notification System (SPU-Alert) is used to notify you in the event of a campus emergency. Information maintained in your Emergency Contacts List is who the university should contact if something were to happen to you.

Step-by-step Guide

Log into the Banner Information System with your SPU Username and Password.

To make changes, go to the Personal Menu.

Select the Emergency Alert System menu item to review and update information for how to contact you in the event of a campus emergency. This is the information used by SPU-Alert (i.e, SPU's emergency notification system).

  • Add or update up to 2 mobile phone/text messaging devices and carriers. Text messaging is generally the fastest and best method of emergency notification.
  • Add or update a Non-SPU email address (in addition to your SPU email address which is automatically used).

Select the Emergency Contact Information menu item to review and update the information for who to contact if something happens to you, or you are missing. This information is for emergency purposes and is only accessible to SPU emergency personnel.

  • Add or update names, addresses, and phone numbers for one or more emergency contacts such as parents, spouses, siblings, children, or friends.