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The Video and Step-by-Step instructions below will assist you in setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication in two steps: 

This guide assumes that you already have the Duo Two-Factor Authentication resource in Banner. This resource was automatically added on Jan. 29th for all Faculty and Staff (not including Adjunct or Student Employees).

If you are unsure:

  1. Log into Banner
  2. Open Personal Menu → Computer Accounts Menu → Manage Your Accounts
  3. Under the Resources section you should Duo Two-Factor Authentication

If you do not have the Duo Two-Factor Authentication resource, visit Enrolling in Duo 2FA to request and setup Duo 2FA. Otherwise, you can continue to the guide.

1. Configure Duo 2FA

  1. Download the Duo Mobile app from your app store
  2. Login to
  3. Click "Start setup"
  4. Add your phone number and select Device Type
  5. Open duo mobile and tap the "+" icon
  6. Scan the QR code on the screen
  7. Continue to login
  8. Send a Push and Approve the login

In order to use Duo Mobile push notifications, some level of device security must be enabled. Examples include a numerical passcode, fingerprint protection (TouchID on iOS), or face-recognition (FaceID on iOS).

2. Re-authenticate All Devices

Now that you are enrolled in Duo, you will need to log off all affected SPU resources and log back in with Duo, including:

  • Mobile Email Client (iOS & Android Mail)
  • Outlook/Apple Mail on a Computer

Outlook and Outlook Mobile are the only officially supported email clients Click here for more information.

If you encounter any issues or questions following these steps, contact the CIS Help Desk in person at Lower Marston Hall or via phone at (206) 281-2982. The Help Desk is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30am to 5:00pm.