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Seattle Pacific University is a Christian educational community committed to integrating faith with learning and life. The policies and guidelines presented on this page are designed to encourage everyone in the SPU community to participate in the instructional goals of SPU as they relate to computer resources.

CIS User Policies

Acceptable Use Policy 

Policies that govern use of all SPU computers, the campus network, and all related information technology resources. 

Computer User Account and Resource Policies 

Policies regarding user account creation processes, resource eligibility guidelines, and account/resource removal processes and timelines.

Password Policies

Policies regarding password requirements as well as processes for how passwords are managed.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy and Copyright Compliance 

SPU's policy about P2P file sharing applications that are used to infringe copyright law including compliance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act ("HEOA"). 

Internet Content Filtering Policy 

SPU's policy about filtering for inappropriate web content and malicious web sites. 

Audio Visual Equipment Checkout 

Policy concerning the checking out of supplemental media equipment for academic instruction. 

Guest Account Policy 

A number of resources on campus require SPU credentials for access. This section discusses the provisions set forth for official guest access to these protected resources.

Cellular Phone Service Policy 

A new policy is in effect for institutional provision of cell phones and communications devices. The revised Guidelines & Policy is available, as well as the Personal Cell Phone Stipend Agreement.

Annual Stipend Agreement 

Other Campus Policies


These guidelines are administered by the Office of Student Academic Services.


These policies and procedures are maintained by the SPU Library.


These guidelines are administered by the SPU Health Center.

Campus Crimes

These statistics are published by the Office of Safety and Security.

Drug-Free Schools and Campuses

These policies are administered by the Office of Student Life.

Discrimination Policy

These procedures are coordinated between the Office of Student Life and the Office of Human Resources.