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Software installed on SPU-managed computers must be submitted in advance to allow time for preparation and testing. Please use the following form to request new software or software updates for podiums, library computers, and computer labs.

Typical Time to Completion

During the normal academic year, new software and upgrades require a minimum of two weeks to complete. Because of the high volume of requests in the summer, we require all requests be submitted by June 15th for consideration for the next year's build.

How it works


Once a request is submitted work will begin on gathering the software components and submitting them to our central software repository.  

Manual testing and automation

From there, the software is tested for installation performance, conflicts with existing software, and uninstallation.  Depending on the size and complexity of the software this process can take anywhere from hours to days to complete.  

Integration testing

Once testing is completed the software is made available for the submitter's approval if the software requires integration with other systems.


Once the software has been approved for stability, it is finalized and will remain available to academic computers until the license expires, the software is deprecated, or the software is no longer needed for academic purposes.

Software Requirements


All software must be properly licensed to be installed on lab and classroom systems.  


As a general rule, CIS will install the most current software version during the summer and maintain that version throughout the school year.  


Software must be able to run on Windows 10 operating systems.  

Software for Mac Computers

Most academic machines on campus are Windows based systems.  For special software requests in spaces with Mac computers such as the Art Center and Music Lab, please contact those departments.