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In order to register your Wii on the network, you need to purchase a USB wired adapter.  You will then need to use your computer to find the MAC address of the adapter.  Use the steps below to locate the information needed to connect the Wii on campus. 


 Windows Computer

  1. Plug your Wii LAN adapter into a USB port on your Windows PC. 
  2. Wait for any drivers to install. This should take 1-2 minutes. 
  3. After installation, go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt
  4. Type "ipconfig/ all" (without quotes) and press Enter. 
  5. Scroll up until you find USB Ethernet Adapter
    1. (Note: The name might be a slight variation on this.) 
  6. Write down the alphanumeric Physical Address.

Mac Computer 

  1. Plug your Wii LAN adapter into a USB port on your Mac. 
  2. Go to the Apple Menu and click on System Preferences 
  3. Click on the Network Icon 
  4. From the list of network adapters, click on USB Ethernet
  5. Click on the Advanced Button then click on the Hardware tab. 
  6. Write down the alphanumeric MAC address

After you locate your MAC Address, submit the information on the Gaming Device Registration Form.