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If you need to score exams, follow the steps below. Log into the computer with your SPU Username and Password. If you need assistance with using the computer or scoring call the CIS HelpDesk at 206-281-2982. A more detailed guide can be found here: parscoremanual_7.0.pdf.

Setup your Credential

  1. Launch the program ParAdmin from the desktop.
  2. Type the username:par-admin and the password: parscore -> click Proceed... -> Add User.
  3. Type the desired login name.
    1. We recommend using your username, since it is unique to you.
    2. By default the password will be the same as your login name.
  4. Close ParAdmin and launch ParScore to begin scoring exams.

Score your Exams

Configure the Scanner

  1. To ensure that the computer is talking to the Scantron scanner, launch ParScore -> Options -> Scanner Configuration -> Detect.
    1. When the configuration is complete, the Firmware/Description field will show the Scanner Model Number.
  2. Press Save once the field has been populated.

Create a New Course and Score

  1. Launch ParScore -> Select New.  The Course Setup window will open, enter your Course Info and press OK.
    1. Course # and Title are the only required fields
  2. You will now be returned to the Course List screen.  Double-click on the course to open it.

    Add Score Columns 

  3. Add Score Columns to your new course (you can always add more later).  Click the Roster Tab and click the Create Score Columns icon in the tool bar (the icon has three vertical columns).
    1. Choose the Category and number of columns on this screen.
    2. If you'd like to rename your columns, press Edit label...
  4. Press Add when finished.
    1. To re-order your list, press Set Order... -> highlight the labels you want to move -> use the slim arrows on the right side to move items up or down.

    Setup the Answer Key

  5. Setup your Answer Key(s) on the Keys Tab -> highlight the Category for the Answer Key you're adding -> press the Scan Keys button.
    1. Wait for the feed form in the display or a solid amber light on the left side of your scanner and then scan the answer key.
    2. ParScore will display an Edit screen for anything found invalid on the key.

    Score Exams

  6. When loading tests in the scanner, the barcode should be facing you.  Press the tray down to load your exams and align them in the tray.  Press the tray again to bring the exams back inline with the feeder.
  7. Select the Scoring Tab -> Select the category that matches the exam you're scoring
    1. Setup your scoring options: Auto Enrollment, Inspect Multiple and/or Omitted Marks.
  8. Press the Score button to begin.
  9. During the scanning process, an Edit box will open if a test isn't filled out correctly or the machine isn't able to read the marks.
    1. Look at the exam to ensure that the exam is accurate or enter the missing data.
  10. Press the End button on the scanner to complete the scanning process.  You can view the results on the Roster Tab.

    Print Reports

  11. If you need to print or save reports, set your default printer first.  In ParScore, click Edit -> Printer Setup -> right-click on SecurePrint or Adobe Printer -> select Set as Default.
  12. Navigate to the Reports Tab to select the type of report you need.
    1.   If you're unsure what type of report you need, use the large ParScore Manual to view examples and get instructions to create the report.