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After enrolling in Duo, you can expect your login experience to SPU Online services to change. When signing in with your username and password, you will be prompted with an additional 2FA step via Duo. The login experience may differ slightly depending on which online service you are logging in to. The following services and applications are subject to 2FA with Duo:

Web ApplicationsDesktop ApplicationsMobile Applications
  • Office 365
    • Webmail
    • SharePoint
    • OneDrive
    • And Others
  • SPU Single Sign-On
    • Banner
    • Canvas
    • SPU Wiki
    • And More
  • Outlook
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business
  • OneNote
  • All Mail Applications
  • Skype for Business
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Office Applications for iOS and Android

Note: If you use iOS or Mac Mail, you must remove and re-add your SPU account in Settings or System Preferences (respectively).

We recommend logging out of SPU services on your computer and/or mobile device and logging back in after first enrolling in Duo.

When logging in to these applications and services, you will be prompted by Duo to authorize your login via 2FA. Here are a few examples of the login process for common services/apps. These examples also utilize the various 2FA methods outlined in this article.

Webmail via Duo Push

Outlook Setup via Duo Passcode

iOS Mail Setup via Duo Push

Remember Me for 5 Days

You will also be able to choose to remember a application and device for up to 5 days. When selected, the option to remember a login for up to 5 days will be applied to that browser, application, and/or device. For example, the following login attempts are treated as separate "devices" and will require separate logins via Duo 2FA:

  • Webmail via Firefox on my SPU-Owned laptop.
  • Banner via Chrome on my SPU-Owned laptop.
  • Outlook on my mobile phone.
  • Webmail via Chrome on a SPU podium computer in a classroom.
  • Webmail via Chrome on my personal laptop.

The "Remember me for 5 Days" checkbox will need to be checked each time on these separate logins in order for Duo to remember logins on that device/application combination. Once 5 days have elapsed, you will be required to log in on that device again. 

To remember a login on a device/application combination, click on the checkbox before confirming the second-factor authentication via Duo.