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Each person at SPU will need an SPU Username and Password to access resources on campus, such as the Banner Info System, Webmail, Blackboard and more.

 SPU Username and Password

Your SPU email address will be

Keep in mind that there are policies in place that affect this resource and its password. Read about them on the SPU User Policies page.

The SPU Username and Password controls access to many different campus resources, including: Banner, Webmail, Blackboard, SPU Download Center, access the SPU Network, Departmental Shares, all desktop/office/lab computers. Changing this one password will affect each of these resources. 

Password Restrictions

  • After a certain number of successive incorrect attempts to log in, the account will be “locked-out” for approximately thirty minutes, or until CIS is contacted.
  • When changing your password, be sure to update all connected devices that have your stored password (e.g.: email on smartphones, tablets, etc).