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The AppStream client provides more functionality than the in-browser client on Windows computers. Through the client, you can enable USB passthrough, share local files, or use three or more monitors.

Installing the Client

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Download the installer for the program you want to access.

Only one version can be installed at a time. You can install a new version over the older version but you will lose the link you had before.

If you're using an SPU-managed FacStaff computer, make yourself an admin via Make Me Admin.

Run the installer you downloaded.

Wait for the process to run. When the privacy notice appears, click Next. Enable client logging and click next.

Make sure to check the box for the USB Driver and then hit finish. The install will run; once the client is installed, a window will pop up to install the USB driver. Click install and wait for it to finish.

The client should populate with a link in the URL box. Click connect, sign in with your SPU credentials, and then choose the program you'd like to use.

Enabling Local Resources

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Once the client has opened, click on the gear in the upper right corner of the client and then click "Local Resources". You can then either click "USB Devices" to get a list of USB devices that are plugged into your computer or click Local Drives and Folders to access your local files from AppStream. 

You can either share your entire drive or only specific folders. You can then access those folders through Open or Save dialogs as normal.

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