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Mobile Application Push Notifications

If you have an Android or iOS mobile device, you can install the relevant mobile app ( iOS Android ) and use it for push notifications.

In order to use Duo Mobile push notifications, some level of device security must be enabled. Examples include a numerical passcode, fingerprint protection (TouchID on iOS), or face-recognition (FaceID on iOS).

This method is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • It is the quickest and most convenient option
    • Your phone is already something you carry with you.
    • Duo Push is as simple as approving a notification on your smartphone
    • It's quicker than receiving a text and typing in a passcode or answering a phone call
  • It is more secure
    • Duo Push uses end-to-end encryption that SMS and phone calls cannot
    • The Duo Push notification displays detailed information about the source of the login request
  • It still works even if your mobile device has no internet connectivity
    • See steps below to use a "Duo Mobile Passcode"

Duo Mobile Passcode

  1. Open the Duo mobile app
  2. Tap the "Seattle Pacific University" entry to expand and see the passcode
  3. In the Duo prompt at login, select "Enter a Passcode" to enter the passcode

Alternative Options

Text Message

You may configure a text-enabled mobile device as your 2FA Device.  When you receive the Duo prompt during login, you'll need to take a couple extra steps compared to a push notification.

  1. Click "Enter a Passcode"
  2. Click "Text me new codes"
  3. Wait for text message (SMS Message rates may apply)
  4. Enter the provided passcode in the text box and click "Log In"

Office Desk Phone

You may configure your office phone as your 2FA Device.  This is strongly discouraged for your primary device, as you will be unable to login to your SPU account without being present at your desk to answer the phone call from Duo.  If you wish to configure it as an additional device see instructions here: Duo 2FA Device Management

Hardware Token

You may request a Duo Hardware Token from CIS to use as your 2FA Device.  This is a physical device, which can easily attach to a keychain.  It has a button that when pressed will display a passcode that you can enter at login:

  1. Click "Enter a Passcode"
  2. Enter the passcode from the app and click "Log In"

Hardware tokens are available to SPU employees, on a permanent or loaner basis, at no charge. A lost token will incur a $25 replacement fee. The token is property of Seattle Pacific University and must be returned upon leaving the university.

Duo has provided additional documentation regarding authentication options and how to use them here (please note that some options may not available in SPU's environment):

Note: the phone number you provide for any of these methods will only be used for Duo 2FA authentication purposes.