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For all faculty and staff Datasync automatically maintains a copy of the files and folders from your Documents folder in a secure location on an SPU Server. Please save all of your SPU related work under one of the folders listed below.

Which Folders are Backed Up?

  • Documents
  • Favorites 

How Can I Be Sure My Folders are Backed Up? 

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 - a green circle with two yellow arrows will be seen on folders and files that are backed up.
  • The status of your DataSync can be checked using the Sync Center. View our Sync Center page.

Taking your SPU-Owned Laptop Off Campus

To be sure all your files are available, perform the following before leaving campus:
Under the Control Panel -> Sync Center, click on Offline Files, and hit the Sync button that appears up and to the left of the Offline Files. Changes will be synced up once you return to campus and plug into the network. 

How do I Recover a Deleted File or Restore a Previous version?

While your computer is on campus, Datasync makes a backup of your Documents store 5 times per day for up to two weeks.  Go to  Restore Previous Versions to learn how to restore a previous version of a folder or file.

The Following Folders are not Backed Up:

  • Desktop – Nothing you save on your desktop will be backed up
  • Music – is redirected to C:\personal\YourUserNameHere\Music and is not backed up
  • No Personal Database files are backed up - Store these files on a departmental share
  • Any Other Main Folders not mentioned above