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This plug-in gives users one-click access to room reservation and resource booking options from within Microsoft Outlook. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Outlook on your Office Computer.
  2. Go to your Calendar view.
  3. Click New Appointment or double-click on an open space in your calendar.
  4. Enter all appropriate Meeting information.

    1. Subject, Start Time, End Time, Notes.
  5. If you'd like to send an invitation to other meeting attendees, click the Invite Attendees button.

    1. The To...: field will now appear and allow you to type email addresses for individuals or click the To... button to locate SPU individuals in the Global Address Book (GAL).
  6. Click Scheduling Assistant to view the calendars for each person invited.
  7. Select the SPU Room Finder button to book your space.

    1. In Select Process, choose what type of space you would like to request
    2. Set your Event Type
      1. If you want your details to be private from others looking at the space, choose Private here.
      2. This will also impact whether or not your event/reservation appears on the Campus Master Calendar.
    3. If you need to adjust your meeting times, you must use the Start Time and End Time fields toward the top of your meeting.
  8. Choose the room that best needs your reservation needs, by selecting it from the left hand list of rooms.

    1. A check mark will appear next to your selected room (see screenshot below)
  9. Click the Save/Send button in the upper left-hand corner to submit your request for approval.


You will not be able to view Free/Busy time for non-SPU email addresses.