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Citrix is an online service for Faculty and Staff that allows you to access your SPU My Documents, Departmental File Shares, and other SPU specific applications from a personal machine or device with internet access. Students who hold student leadership positions may be granted an exception to this rule and should ask their SPU faculty or staff representative to contact the CIS HelpDesk on their behalf.

Install Citrix

Use the links below for the type of device you intend on using, for specific installation instructions.

On a personally owned computer:

On a public computer:

On a smart phone or tablet:

SPU Managed computers can install Citrix from the Software Center application on their computer.  Go to Install Software on an SPU-Managed Computer to learn more.  

Why Should I Use Citrix?

  • Use applications you don't have at home (SPSS, Office, EMS Client, etc...)
  • Easy set up: you only need to download a small program to start using this service
  • Allows you to remotely connect to your SPU machine
  • Available on various devices: 
       - Desktops: Linux, Mac, Windows
       - Smart Phones: Android, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone
       - Tablets: iPad, BlackBerry Playbook, Windows 8/RT