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Office Telephones

Multi-line telephone sets are provided in most faculty and staff offices. These are special purpose phones connected to a centralized telephone system supported by CIS. CIS provides maintenance, phone relocation, and feature modifications. Special purpose telephone service for modems, conference rooms or FAX machines can also be provided. 

Residence Hall Phones

On-campus residence hall telephones are not provided but a dial tone is available in most locations. Residential students are encouraged to bring in their own phone if local dialing is desired. Individual room phone numbers may be found on the phone wall jack. Residential lines cannot be used to place long distance calls, but can make out bound 1-800, collect, or third-number billed calls, as well as four-digit on-campus dialing.

These are the on-campus prefixes:

  • 206-281-2000/2999 Office and Departments
  • 206-286-6100/6399 Campus Housing
  • 206-286-6900/7399 Campus Housing
  • 206-378-5000/5499 Campus Offices, Departments and Housing

On-campus calling requires only the last four digits.

Dialing instructions:

  • 2911 for Campus Security
  • 2000 for SPU campus information (SUB Unicom Desk)
  • 9 + 10-digit number for off campus, local calls
  • The last 4 digits for on-campus SPU phone numbers
  • 9 + 1 + 800 (or 888, 866, 877) + number for toll-free calls
  • 9 + 1 + area Code + number + calling card number at tone for long distance.
  • 9 + 011 + calling card number at tone for international calls.