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SPU offers conventional Cable TV service to all on-campus residence halls and most on-campus apartments. Cable TV programming includes local stations as well as popular national stations (about 120 channels altogether), most of which are in High Definition.

In addition to conventional cable television, residential students can watch TV programs on their computers, smartphones and tablets through the Comcast XFINITY on Campus IPTV service. More details may be found here: Watch HighDef TV Online

 Check out the XFINITY on Campus video:

SPU’s Residential Cable TV services were upgraded in the summer of 2014 to include High Definition (HDTV) channels. This advanced technology requires every TV to support QAM-HDTV programming, either through internal QAM tuners or external QAM converter boxes. It is the responsibility of the student to bring a TV with an internal QAM tuner, or a TV plus an external QAM converter box to use the campus television service.

In order to receive the new channels you will need to program your tuner; simply scanning for channels by scrolling up or down will not work. Consult your owner's manual or see our Cable TV Setup FAQ for details on how to program your set.


What is QAM-HDTV?

QAM is one of three types of HD Cable tuner technologies and it is the one required on our campus. The other two standards - NTSC and ATSC (aka "Clear QAM") - are NOT supported on the campus cable TV system.

How do I know my TV will work with SPU's cable service?

Each student is responsible for bringing their own television, coaxial cable, and if applicable, a QAM capable external TV Tuner. 

If purchasing a new TV...

    • Most (but not all) TVs manufactured since 2006 have an HDTV tuner, though not all of these support QAM. Some are NTSC or ATSC only, not QAM.
    • Make sure that the TV has a QAM Capable TV Tuner. Check the manual or the manufacturer's website to ensure that the TV's tuner is QAM-HD or QAM-Capable.

If bringing an existing TV...

      1. Check if your TV's tuner is QAM-Capable:
        1. If your TV has a knob on the front to change channels it is NOT QAM capable.
        2. If your TV does not have a coaxial cable plug, it is NOT QAM capable.
      2. Consult your TV's manual or the manufacturer's website to check if it is QAM capable.

If your TV is not QAM Capable, you will need to purchase an external tuner or a new TV with an internal QAM tuner. Here is one example of compatible external tuner:



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