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  1. Speaker volume, LCD and ringer can be adjusted by the ^ and v buttons to the left of the white Harris logo
    1. Phone must be ringing to adjust the ring volume
    2. Must be on the line to adjust speaker volume
  2. If you push someone's labeled extension button, you are ON their line, not CALLING their line
  3. Main line is always upper left corner
  4. To put the line on hold, press the HOLD button on the bottom right. The line that is on hold will blink red on the extension button.
  5. To mute a client, press the MUTE/SAVE button on the bottom right. The client will not be able to hear you while on mute.
  6. To transfer a client to a different phone line:
    1. Press the XFER button when on the phone with the person you wish to transfer
    2. Wait for the dial tone and type in the phone extension you want to transfer them to
    3. Wait until the new line picks up, explain the situation and why you are transferring, and then hang up
    4. After you hang up, the transfer is completed.
    5. If the transfer goes to voicemail, hang up and this will allow the client to go to voicemail.
  7. To reboot the phone, unplug the phone cord and plug it back in