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Duo 2FA is aimed at providing the most seamless process possible to enable the security benefits of two-factor authentication. However, because of the many combinations of applications and services that are available to the SPU community, there are some prerequisites for specific applications that you need to know about.

Application Compatibility

The following mail applications are compatible with Duo 2FA. Some email clients/versions are compatible with Duo 2FA, but can be unstable and therefore not supported by CIS.

WindowsMac OSiOSAndroid
Compatible & SupportedWebmail
Office 2016 Suite & NewerOutlook Mobile
Compatible & UnsupportedOffice 2013 SuiteApple Mail (Mac OS Mojave & Newer)Mail App on iOS 11 & Newer
IncompatibleOffice 2011 Suite & OlderMail App on iOS 10 & OlderNative Mail App on Android

Desktop/Laptop Outlook Client

In order to interface with Duo, Microsoft services use a feature called Modern Authentication

  • All SPU-Owned computers should already have modern authentication enabled. 
  • Personal computers that use the latest version of Office available from the Download Center should automatically have modern authentication enabled.

If you have Office 2013, please contact the CIS Help Desk at or x2982 and we will assist you with enabling modern authentication. If you have an older version of Office on your personal computer, consider installing the free copy of Office that is available to all students, faculty, and staff at SPU.

Applications on Mobile Devices (iOS/Android)

Modern Authentication on Mobile Apps

Modern authentication is required for login with Duo 2FA to Microsoft Office 365 services from mobile devices. Microsoft's Office apps on iOS and Android support Modern Authentication.

Note for Android Users

The default mail app on Android does not support modern authentication. We recommend downloading and using the Outlook app to access SPU email, calendar, and contacts on Android devices. The app is available on the Google Play store and is free for all Android devices.


If you use Calendly, then you will have to re-connect your SPU calendar to Calendly after enrolling in Duo 2FA. Once Duo is enabled on your SPU email account, Calendly will send an email to you with instructions on how to re-authenticate the connection between Calendly and your SPU calendar.  You may need to be logged in to SPU Webmail in another tab prior to logging in to Calendly for it reconnect properly.