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Application List

Some software is freely available for students and educators to download on personal devices.  Please see the relevant download links included below.  

Amazon AppStream Applications

SPU provides several academic software applications via Amazon AppStream streaming for students and faculty to access remotely from personal computers.  This has been launched for Spring Quarter 2020 to facilitate need for software application in teaching and learning while on-campus computer labs are unavailable.

Note: This service is for use on personal devices.  Faculty and staff should install software on their SPU-managed devices by going through Software Center.

How to Use Applications

AppStream is compatible with any device with a screen resolution of 1024x768 that is running Windows, MacOS, a Linux distro, Chrome OS, iOS 11 or later, or Android 8 or later.

  1. Click the appropriate icon from the Application Listing.
  2. Login with your SPU credentials via the standard SPU login.
  3. Disconnect when you are done, by clicking on the person icon in the top right and clicking "Disconnect."

Keyboard Shortcuts

AppStream may not capture all keyboard shortcuts outside of fullscreen mode. Make sure to click the in the top left of the window if you need to use keyboard shortcuts.

Load Time

The program may take up to two minutes to load, so please be patient.

No Streaming Resources Available

If you receive a message that no streaming resources are available, please try again in a few minutes.  When our environment reaches its capacity, it takes 10 minutes before new instances are made available.  If you receive this message frequently, please contact the CIS Help Desk and include details regarding which applications you are accessing and at what times this has occurred.

Saving Files (OneDrive)

You can save files to your OneDrive so they are available to you between sessions and outside of AppStream.  Follow these one-time setup instructions: Connect OneDrive to AppStream.

USB Passthrough (AppStream Client)

You can download the AppStream Client so that you can access your USB devices in AppStream via these instructions: Installing the AppStream Client

Launching Other Programs

Once you're in an AppStream session, you can launch other programs on that image or relaunch the program you were using by clicking the four squares in the upper left of the session window and selecting the program that you'd like to launch.

Request Additional Software

The current list of available software was developed with input from deans and department chairs.  Faculty should consult with their department chair to request additional software via HelpDesk tickets.