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Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver

Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver are the two tools we recommend for managing departmental web pages not moved to Sitecore.

Configuring Contribute or Dreamweaver to edit departmental websites

There are two different software applications we recommend for routine departmental updates. First, make sure your permissions have been set or the software will not connect to the server.

Contribute Users (Recommended): This web page will show you how to create a connection using Contribute. It will also show you how to search for a file, open a file, edit a file, and finally how to publish to the server. A 30-minute introductory training is provided to assist with the initial set-up as well as how to perform basic edits.

Dreamweaver Users (Advanced): This web page will show you how to configure Dreamweaver, search, open, and edit a file, and finally how to connect to the web server. 

Web Permissions

If you are new to a campus department and have been tasked with updating your department's web site, please contact University Communications and they will set up the appropriate permissions. Without them you will not be able to access the site.