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Production (Live Site)

  1. Open Dreamweaver by clicking on Start -> Programs -> Adobe -> Dreamweaver. Click Site -> New Site.

  2. When prompted, enter in the site name: [Department Name - i.e. UM, CCC] and leave the Local Site Folder as shown in the screenshot.

  3.  Select Servers from the left hand menu and then click the Plus Icon to add a new server connection.

  4. Enter Server Name: SPU and choose Connect using: SFTP. The SFTP address is Enter your SPU Username and Password in the appropriate fields. The Root Directory should be set as /depts/[departmentname] and the web URL should be[departmentname].

  5. In the white section of the window on the right side (Files), you'll see the words "To see your remote files, click the [connect] button on the toolbar. You'll do this each time you need to connect to the server (each time you open Dreamweaver). Click on this button.

  6. Find the file you need to update. If you need to, click on the plus-signs next to folders to find files within folders. When you have found your file, double click on it. This will open your file as well as check it out. The check out process lets us know that you have the file opened and that you're making changes to it. Before the file opens, Dreamweaver will ask you if you want to include dependent files or not. Click No and select Don't show this message again.


  1. Download the file you want to edit to your machine by right-clicking the file then selecting "Get" on the file you want to edit.

  2. Select Local View from the dropdown in the Files Section.

  3. Once you have switched to a Local View you can double-click on the file you want to edit, and you will receive a dialog box asking what you would like to do. Select CheckOut to edit the file.

  4. Once you have finished editing the file select Put then Checkin by right-clicking on the file.