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Learn how to active the Xfinity Stream Beta Apps on Samsung Smart TVs.

Getting Started

You will need to create a Samsung account and link it to your Samsung smart TV before you download the Xfinity Stream Beta app. See detailed instructions on account creation and device linking.

The Xfinity Stream Beta app is available on the following Samsung device models:

  • 2017 TVs with minimum firmware version T-KTMAKUC-1210.8 and Model Codes Q9F, Q8C, Q7F (Flat), Q7C (Curved), MU9000, MU8500, MU8000, MU7600, MU7500, MU750, MU7100, MU700, MU7000, MU6500, MU6490, MU6300, MU630, and MU6290
  • 2017 TVs with minimum firmware version T-KTSAKUC-1210.8 and Model Codes M5300, M530, M4500, and M450

Follow these steps to add the Xfinity Stream Beta app to your compatible Samsung smart TV:

1.    Make sure your Samsung smart TV is connected to the Internet.

2.    Press the Smart Hub button on your Smart Control remote to go to the Samsung Home screen.

3.    Scroll to and select Apps.

4.    Select the Magnifying Glass icon.

5.    Enter Xfinity Stream using the onscreen keypad and select Done.

6.    Select the Xfinity Stream Beta app and then choose Download.

7.    Once installation is complete, select Open to begin using the Xfinity Stream Beta app.

8.    When prompted, register your device and sign in with your Xfinity credentials.


1.    Launch the app from the Samsung Hub app store. If the smart TV has not been activated, you will see the Welcome screen. Select Get Started to continue. If the device already has been activated, then you will see the main menu.
Xfinity Stream Welcome screen. Get Started button at bottom center.

2.    The Activation screen with the activation code will appear on the Samsung smart TV. Go to from a second screen (mobile, tablet or PC) web browser.
Activation screen.

3.    From the external web browser, enter the six-digit device activation code that is provided in the Xfinity Stream beta app.
Activation code field is at center and below it blue Continue button.

4.    Still from the web browser, enter your Xfinity username and password, then select Sign In.
At center fields to enter username and password and below the blue Sign In button.

5.    The external web browser will display a Success! message, notifying you that your Samsung smart TV has been activated and the activation screen on the Xfinity Stream Beta app will update shortly.


6.    After the successful activation of the Samsung smart TV the Xfinity Stream Beta app Terms of Activation will be displayed. Scroll to read the terms and select Yes to accept the terms and continue. If you select No Thanks, you will be taken back to the first step of the activation process (Welcome screen).
Terms of Activation screen.

7.    Next, you will be asked to name your device. The device name is used to help with troubleshooting and device management settings that may be added in the future.
Device Naming screen with letters keypad.

8.    The main menu should then appear, and you are ready to begin using the Xfinity Stream Beta app and enjoy your Xfinity TV or Xfinity Instant TV service!
Xfinity Stream Main menu


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