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Purchasing Tools:

  • Quotes
  • Purchase Order/Requisition (recommended)
  • Requests for Payment

Purchasing Authority (See Purchasing Authority Thresholds)


A quote is a statement from a vendor regarding the price for a specific good or service. The quote is not as formal as a bid and can be given over the phone or in writing. There are a minimum of three quotes required for the $10,000-$25,000 threshold. It is the initiating department's responsibility to obtain these quotes from various vendors for the goods or services being obtained. The Accounts Payable department is available to assist departments in identifying comparable vendors, but it is up to the department to follow through to obtain the required quotes. Once the quote documentation is received, the Department can determine which vendor to proceed with. 

If it is not possible to obtain three quotes, the Department must document why this is the case and include this information with its Purchase Requisition or Request for Payment request. 

Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order / Request for Payment

  1. Department identifies required specifications and selects appropriate vendor to provide goods or service.
  2. Suggested: Department completes purchase requisition for purchase of goods/services and forwards it to the Accounts Payable department. 
  3. Suggested: Accounts Payable department verifies budget and Purchasing Authority and prepares the Purchase Order. Copies of the purchase order are forwarded to originating department and vendor. Funds are encumbered for the amount of the purchase order.
  4. Vendor ships goods or provides services to department.
  5. Vendor forwards invoice to the Accounts Payable for processing.
  6. Accounts Payable checks the invoice and forwards to originating department for payment approval via JIRA.
  7. If Purchase Order in place: Department completes payment portion of purchase order to confirm goods and/or services have been received and returns to Accounts Payable via JIRA.
  8. If no Purchase Order in place: Department Requisitioner completes RFP, and forwards to Department Approver (with Purchasing Authority) via JIRA.
  9. Department Approver reviews and approves the RFP in JIRA and forwards to Accounts Payable.
  10. Accounts Payable department verifies Purchasing Authority.
  11. Accounts Payable department issues payment to vendor.

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