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Welcome to Seattle Pacific University implementation of the US Bank Visa purchasing card program. US Bank's purchasing card is a Visa product designed for corporations to purchase low dollar, non-capital, non-raw material expense items.

Seattle Pacific University has performed a study of non-value added tasks in the workflow, and specifically in the procurement process. It was found that approximately 82 % of all purchases were less than $2000, and that these purchases accounted for less than 20% of the money spent on all goods and services. The purchasing card concept is designed to delegate the authority and ability to purchase these low value items directly to the person to whom it matters most, YOU, the user. This is consistent with our policies as well as our attempts to put more control into the departmental purchaser’s hands.

Purchasing card users will be able to make purchases much easier, faster, and more economically than before. Paperwork and processing at the departmental level, as well as in the purchasing and accounts payable functions,will be sharply reduced. By using the purchasing card for transactions below $2000, a department can consolidate request for payment forms to one per month vs. one per transaction. These efficiencies will allow all groups and individuals involved to be more effective and focused on the value-added aspect of their jobs.

The US Bank Visa purchasing card program utilizes internal management controls and management information reporting to ensure that our policies, procedures and objectives are being achieved. The purchasing card is never to be used for “services.” Only full time employees are eligible to obtain a Purchasing Card.

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