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Faculty/Staff Payroll

 Q. When are timesheets due?

A. You can access the Staff Payroll Schedule online or pick up a copy of the schedule from the Finance Office on the third floor of Weter. 

 Q. Where can I find my leave balance or latest pay stub information?

A. Log into the Banner Information System. From the Main Menu, click on the Employee Menu. Here you can access a variety of Payroll options, including “Benefit Information,” “Pay Information” and “Time Off Information.” 

 Q. Where can I get a blank timesheet?

A. Staff timesheets are available for pickup either from the payroll counter or from the "forms" rack located just outside the Finance Office entrance.

Student Payroll

 Q. What if I don’t see all my students listed?

A. Change the “transaction status” field and see if you find who you are looking for. Transaction status options are:

  • Not Started – The student did not start the timesheet.
  • In Progress – The student did not submit the timesheet prior to 12:00 noon deadline (please submit it to yourself).
  • Pending – The timesheet is ready to approve.
  • Approved – The timesheet has been approved.
  • Completed – Payroll has processed the timesheet.
  • Error – The timesheet has an error. If the timesheet is correct, please submit it as is. If you have problems, please call Payroll.
  • Return for Corrections – The timesheet was returned to the student by a supervisor or possibly Payroll
  • All (except Not Started) – This does not include timesheets in error or returned for correction.

 Q. What if I can’t approve my student’s timesheet?

A. Make sure the timesheet has been submitted.

 Q. What if I don’t see the option to submit the timesheet to myself?

A. The submit options is not available until after the Tuesday 12:00 noon student deadline.

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