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Welcome to the financial operations aspect of your job. It is our wish that this document provide you with all the information you need to purchase and pay for the items needed to fulfill your part of SPU’s mission. This document will present what our department is all about, what the University’s expectations are for financial transactions, how to maneuver through these expectations, and what these policies and procedures do for SPU.

Knowing what the controller’s office is all about is a good place to begin. The underlying mission of the controller’s office is to maintain the integrity of our financial information. Managers, vice presidents and the board of trustees, as well as external users such as the federal government, granting organizations and donors, use this information to make decisions. Ensuring the reliability and integrity of the information drives much of what we do. Another major driver in our operation is regulatory requirements. When we check transactions, we ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, our own policies and procedures (audit requirements) are followed, and transactions are recorded into the financial system accurately. Along with these regulatory and professional drivers, we are here to serve the community by processing the financial transactions that result from individuals and departments carrying out the SPU mission. In balancing these sometimes diverse drivers, we strive to have our policies and procedures meet the regulatory requirements and serve the University. Your primary contact with the controller’s office, as it relates to purchasing and payments, is the payments department. This department is a consolidated unit encompassing purchasing, accounts payable and budget control related to purchases.

The payments department (PD) is responsible for the following:

  • Providing assistance, as needed, to departments in their purchasing activities.
  • Training individuals and departments on SPU payment and purchasing procedures.
  • Maintaining the overall credit rating of the University through timely payments for goods and services.
  • Ensuring compliance with University policies and regulatory requirements related to accounts payable, purchasing, travel, budget and credit card use.
  • Administering the University’s purchasing card accounts and processes.
  • Entering data into the SPU finance system.
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