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Banner has the capability to store many different addresses for individuals. Payroll maintains one address for you, using the address that you provide on your W-4 form. If you need to make a change to your “payroll address,” there are two ways to do this:

  1. Complete a new W-4 form, and indicate “address change only” on the bottom of the form. Submit this form to Human Resources, the Office of Student Employment, or the Payroll Office.
  1. E-mail the student payroll technician if you are a student employee, or e-mail the administrative assistant in Human Resources if you are a faculty/staff/temp staff employee.

Please note that changing your address with Records and Registration DOES NOT change your address on your payroll records. You must use one of these preceding methods in order to update your payroll address.

The most important thing that Payroll uses your address for is the creation of your W-2 form. This form will be mailed to you on or before January 31st if you have not picked it up prior to that. It is important that you keep your address information current with SPU so that your confidential information doesn’t get mailed to an incorrect address.

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