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This page serves as a reference for creating quality videos using TechSmith Relay. It includes tips on optimizing your audio and visual experience for the best quality video possible, as well as an introduction to increasing a sense of instructor presence in the course.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of your video can be enhanced in a number of ways. The most effortless improvement is to film in a quiet place with little background noise, such as wind, fans, or people talking. A microphone will also improve the quality of your audio. If you do not have a microphone with which to record, they can be checked out for 3 days at a time from the Library Front Desk. Keep in mind that your proximity to the microphone greatly affects sound quality, so it is best to place the microphone in a central space if you plan to be moving around it, or use a lapel mic that can follow you around as you move.

Visual Quality

Measurements of visual quality vary depending on what type of recording you are doing. If you are recording only your screen, your visual quality can be enhanced by minimizing any unnecessary windows on your computer, making sure the desktop is clear of files and other clutter, and otherwise streamlining what appears on the screen so that the content is the focus as opposed to any visual clutter.

If you are using a webcam, visual quality can be enhanced with good lighting and framing the shot well. Lighting can be enhanced by making sure that there is adequate light behind the camera, so that it shines on the subject being filmed. For example, if you film yourself sitting in front of a window on a bright day, the light from outside will make you appear shadowy and hard to see. Placing the camera between yourself and the window, so that you are looking into both the camera and the window, will light your face better, so that those watching can see facial expressions and movements more clearly. When setting up the camera, make sure that you are filming at a natural angle, either at eye-level or slightly above. Locate the webcam on your computer and make sure it is at a good height before you start filming. If it is low, elevate the computer on a stable stack of books or a higher surface. If your computer does not have a webcam, these can also be checked out from the Library Front Desk for three days at a time.

Using TechSmith Relay to Enhance Online Course Experience

In online and blended courses, especially, TechSmith Relay can be used to increase student engagement and instructor presence. Videos not only convey information in a format that is a pleasant break from written content, but can be used as a means of adding the instructor's personality into the course. This can be done through a personal introduction video at the beginning of the course, introduction videos to new units, or anything else that breaks up the course content with something a bit more personal. More suggestions for increasing instructor presence in a course can be found here.