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The TechSmith Relay recorder can be used to upload pre-existing videos into your TechSmith account and to create new content. TechSmith allows you to create videos of your computer screen and is compatible with a webcam, so that you can film yourself in addition to your lecture content.

Uploading Existing Content

If there are media files already on your computer that you need to upload into TechSmith (from Abode Connect or other media-creation methods), you can do so from the client by doing the following. 

  1. Select Upload→ Add Media and select the files you want to upload
  2. Begin the upload and check back intermittently to the web browser to make sure that the upload was successful.

    Leave the Recorder Open

    Do not close the client or shut down the computer until the content is fully uploaded. Doing so interrupts the upload and causes it to run much more slowly, making for excessively long upload times.

Creating New Content

If you are creating new content, open the recorder:

  • If you are using a sound recording, make sure the audio levels are within the green section, as this ensures higher sound quality.
  • Connect to a camera if you are using a webcam.
  1. Select the display you want to record. You can only record one display at a time, but can move things on and off as needed.
  2. Press the blue "Test" button if you want to test your recording before getting started.
  3. When everything is set up, hit the red "Record" button.
  4. When you have finished your recording, you may preview your video, trim it and give it a title and description.
  5. When you are ready to upload your recording, press submit. You will need to keep your recorder open during this process, as closing it will significantly slow down the upload time.