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The Calculus, Foreign Languages, Music Theory, and Chemistry placement exams are available through Canvas and can be taken at any time. The Mathematics Placement Test is administered in person, so it must be scheduled in advance.

SPU Placement Exams

These exams can be accessed in Canvas as follows:

  1. Use this link to self-enroll in the Undergraduate Proficiency Exams course in Canvas: 
  2. Select the icon for the proficiency exam that you need to take, read the instructions, and begin the exam. Note that the calculus exam has two parts, both of which need to be taken for proper placement.
  3.  If you need to re-take your exam, contact the exam moderator listed on the instructions page of your exam.
  4. Do not un-enroll from the course until grades have been posted. Grades are updated nightly, but check to make sure that you have a grade before un-enrolling so that you do not lose your work.
    1. You can un-enroll from the course by selecting the "Drop this Course" button that appears either on the right-hand side or bottom of your webpage.
      Drop this course button


Mathematics Placement Test

The Mathematics Placement Test is administered in person and therefore must be scheduled in advanced. The Mathematics Placement Testing FAQ page has information on finding and scheduling an exam.

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