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TechSmith supports an app, Fuse, that allows you to record videos on your phone and upload them to your TechSmith Relay account. This allows for an easy way for students to create and submit videos for a course. A group can be created for the assignment, allowing students to view the content created by their peers, making for a more collaborative experience than videos submitted through Canvas assignments. This page is a guide to using the Fuse app.

Download Fuse

The Android Techsmith Fuse app can be downloaded here.

The iOS Techsmith Fuse app can be downloaded here.

Use Fuse to Upload to Relay

From your desktop or laptop device:

  1. From the "My Library" tab of your account, select Create→ Connect to Fuse.
    Connect to Fuse option
  2. A QR code will appear.
  3. Create content in the Fuse app, or open existing photos and videos from your phone through the Fuse app.
  4. When you have your content ready to upload, select Share→ TechSmith Relay.
  5. Scan the QR code in your browser to connect your Fuse app to your Relay account and sign in to your account with your SPU single sign-in credentials.

    cellphone using a QR code scanner from within the TechSmith Fuse app

    If your QR code does not scan, select "Manually Connect" on your Fuse app to connect to TechSmith Relay.

  6. Title and describe your content, and hit Send. The content will appear in your library.