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SpeedGrader is a tool that is integrated into Canvas to enable grading individual student assignments and group assignments. In SpeedGrader, all values for an assignment are loaded and saved in the browser, including student submission data, any grades, rubrics, and comments. SpeedGrader will be available in every graded assignment, including quizzes and graded discussions. 

How to Use SpeedGrader 

  1. Within a graded assignment or quiz, the SpeedGrader link will appear in the sidebar under Related Items.

    Speed Grader option

       2.  You will see the title and other details of the assignment and each student's submission. By using the tools provided, you can grade the assignment, add comments and highlight in the submission. 

         Speed Grader tools

SpeedGrader Menu Icons

The SpeedGrader menu includes several tools and resources to assist with grading assignments.


The left side of the menu includes general settings and options:

  • Gradebook Icon: Return to the Gradebook [1].
  • Mute Icon:  Mutes or unmutes the assignment  [2].
  • Keyboard Icon: Opens a list of keyboard shortcuts for SpeedGrader [3].
  • Help Icon: Opens the Canvas help menu [4]. The help menu icon matches the help icon set by a Canvas admin, so icons may vary across accounts.
  • Settings Icon: Opens the SpeedGrader Settings menu [5], which includes enabling  student list sorting options  and  anonymous grading.

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