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Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling tool that doesn't require clickers. It is an online service that allows teachers to ask questions to their students.  Instructors, TAs, or staff can create a poll in their Poll Everywhere account. The poll is made in an unpublished state. Once a poll is published, students can respond to polls through text messages or the Internet. The poll can be closed manually by the people who created the poll, or it can be set to close at a certain time. Poll results appear in customized formats (graph, bar, chart, etc.)

Watch this video about PollEverywhere

Engage your remote audience with Poll Everywhere from Poll Everywhere on Vimeo.

Sign Up/ Log in

PollEverywhere is a tool that faculty and staff at SPU can use to create/host polls.  Students may also log in as participants of polls.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your full "" email address.
  3. Choose "Click to log in with Seattle Pacific University
  4. You will be sent to SPU's Single Sign On page - complete the log in process.
  5. You will then be logged in and will be able to create your own polls.