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Although most teachers and students are automatically added to courses as course enrollments are brought over from Banner, there may be cases in which additional students, teachers, TA's, or other roles need to added to a course manually. This page walks teachers through how to do this.

Adding Users

  1. In the People tab of your course, select the +People button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
     Add People to course icon
  2. The easiest way to add a student is by using their institutional email address. If you do not know this address, you can look it up using the SPU Whitepages.
    add user with their email, select their course role and section
  3. Select the role and section you would like to enroll the user into.
  4. Hit next to get a confirmation, showing you the name of the user and their email address.
  5. If everything is correct, select "Add Users".