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In addition to streaming your video and adding it your Canvas course, you can also take advantage of other Panopto features to change the way your students interact with video.

Add Notes to Videos

Panopto's note taking ability gives you the ease of typing out notes on the video on the same page as you watch. Your notes will appear time-stamped right along with the part of the video that corresponds with it.  By default your notes will be personal and will not be shared with other viewers.  However, you can also choose to make your notes public - viewable by all individuals who have access to the video, or to a specific group called a channel.  More information about adding notes can be found on Panopto's support site.

Engage in timed Discussions

Viewers can engage in timed discussions throughout the video, this can further reinforce course content and engage viewers in the video content throughout the entire video.  Learn more on the Panopto Support site.

Create Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be used to save a specific time that you want to return to in a video for viewing later.

Create Video Assignments

An Assignment Folder (referred to 'Drop Box' in the previous version) is a subfolder that shares its user list with its parent folder but gives the users some additional privileges. Assignment folders enable Viewer users in their parent folder to create and manage their own content while preventing them from viewing other users' content that has not been explicitly shared or made public.  Get started by creating an assignment folder.

Insert Video Quizzes

With Panopto, instructors can create and add multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to their recordings in seconds, directly from the Panopto online video editor. Each quiz automatically pauses video playback, allowing viewers to take as much time as needed with each question.

Record student presentations and assignments at scale with Panopto's student video recorder

Panopto's interactive video quiz maker enables instructors to create engaging, flexible quizzes